Cheers to the Good Drinkers!

is the result of the desire to enjoy delicious craft cocktails at home. Over
the years, we observed that the art of mixology is serious work. In order to
make a perfect cocktail, you must study, craft, taste, and fine-tune recipes.
But, who has time for that? In an effort to find something a little more
approachable, but still just as fun, MIXY was born.

by Meredith Levesque, Mixy was created during a time when gathering outside the
home was a bit difficult. Restaurants and bars were closed which meant
delicious cocktails were scarce. Meredith created our original flavors, in her
Dallas kitchen, with the help of her friends and family. After realizing how
delicious her homemade cocktails were, she wanted to share them with everyone!
Meredith wanted to give the rest of us the amazing at home experience she was
able to create with Mixy.

makes craft mixology simple by providing handcrafted ingredients to make
delicious drinks with a simple two-step process. Add 12 ounces of the spirit of
your choice to the jar and let it in-fuse in the refrigerator for 2-3 days. The
infused liquor can be enjoyed on its own, with our suggested mixers, or added
to your favorite cocktail recipes. Each jar makes eight 1.5 oz. servings of
infused liquor and can be infused twice for 16 servings. Our MIXYs are good.
Really good. But since MIXY started, the best part has always been the way
these cocktail infusion kits bring people together. More than anything, we hope
MIXY helps you create fun memories with your favorite people.

David, Sarah & The entire Mixy Team


What is the expiration date?

Each kit lasts about a year at room temperature. The produce inside each kit is dehydrated and has a long shelf life.

How long does it last after it is infused?

About 30 days in your fridge.

What type of alcohol should I add?

All of our cocktail kits can be infused with multiple types of liquor. Use our “shop by spirit” feature to help you choose.

What if I don’t have 3 days to infuse?

The longer it sits, the stronger the flavor! We typically recommend 2 days to get the full experience. 1 day works in a pinch!

How can I make it non-alcoholic?

Infuse with water, tea, or an alcohol alternative (we love Ritual Zero Proof) for a fun mocktail!

What type of sugar is in mixy?

We use organic, vegan, turbinado sugar.

How much sugar?

Each kit has approximately 28 g of added sugar in our magical homemade sugar cube. Trust us, the sugar is what transforms your liquor into a delicious infusion. This works out to only 3.5 g of sugar in each serving – much less than a standard cocktail mixer!

How do I reuse it?

If you loved your mixy and want to get another 8 servings, you can infuse it a second time. We recommend a minimum of 3 days to infuse on the second round. Expect the second infusion to be slightly less flavorful, and not as sweet.