What is the expiration date?

Each kit lasts about a year at room temperature. The produce inside each kit is dehydrated and has a long shelf life.

How long does it last after it is infused?

About 30 days in your fridge.

What type of alcohol should I add?

All of our cocktail kits can be infused with multiple types of liquor. Use our “shop by spirit” feature to help you choose.

What if I don’t have 3 days to infuse?

The longer it sits, the stronger the flavor! We typically recommend 2 days to get the full experience. 1 day works in a pinch!

How can I make it non-alcoholic?

Infuse with water, tea, or an alcohol alternative (we love Ritual Zero Proof) for a fun mocktail!

What type of sugar is in mixy?

We use organic, vegan, turbinado sugar.

How much sugar?

Each kit has approximately 28 g of added sugar in our magical homemade sugar cube. Trust us, the sugar is what transforms your liquor into a delicious infusion. This works out to only 3.5 g of sugar in each serving – much less than a standard cocktail mixer!

How do I reuse it?

If you loved your mixy and want to get another 8 servings, you can infuse it a second time. We recommend a minimum of 3 days to infuse on the second round. Expect the second infusion to be slightly less flavorful, and not as sweet.