Spicy Tejas Ranch Water

Introducing the electrifying "Spicy Tejas Ranch Water" – a drink that marries the sizzling heat of Tejas Mixy with the vibrant spirit of tequila, zesty lime, and effervescent soda water. This concoction promises to ignite your taste buds and refresh your senses with every sip. Here's how to craft this tongue-tingling elixir:



  • Tejas Mixy
  • Tequila 
  •  Lime Juice
  • Soda Water/Sparkling Water



  • Infuse Tejas Mixy with your choice of Tequila for at least 24 hours. If you don't like too much spice, remove the jalapeño after a couple hours. 
  • Shake, shake, shake!
  • Add 1.5 oz. of infused tequila to a glass of ice
  • Add 0.5 oz. of lime juice
  • Top with soda water!
  • Cheers!
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